When a claim has successfully completed the review process, an allowance letter and release are generated. Claimants have 180 days within which to respond to the offer extended in the allowance letter.

To be processed for payment, original releases must be properly signed, dated and witnessed before being uploaded to Trust Online or returned by mail to the address noted below.  Releases issued to deceased claimants must be signed by the properly appointed Personal Representative and evidence of the authority of the individual signing must be on file with the Trust.

DII Asbestos Trust
ATTN: Mary Ellen Nickel
P.O. Box 393
Wilmington, DE 19899-1036

To avoid delay in the processing of payment, note below the proper way to complete a release:

I am:        √          the Injured Party
              OR                               The appropriate box must be checked (not both)
      the Official Representative of the Injured Party, the Injured Party’s Estate or the Injured Party’s Heirs

EXECUTED this     day of                                               , 20       .          Complete date
must be inserted

            Signature of Injured Party or Personal Representative
            Printed Name of Person Signing                               


Signature of a Person Present at Signing                                   Notarization is not required
            Printed Name of Witness                                           but this section must be
            Street Address of Witness                                          completed on every release
            City, State, Zip Code                                                   submitted.