NOTICE:  All documents submitted to the DII Asbestos Trust must be in English, including but not limited to the Claim Form, medical records and exposure documents.  If any documents have been translated from another language to meet this requirement, the original documents together with the translated English version must be provided to the Trust.  All translations must be from a certified translator. The Trust requires a full translation of the documents and will not accept documents that have only been partially translated.

The information presented in this section of the site are designed to provide detailed information about the following:

  • Medical Requirements and Evidence Required to Establish an Asbestos-Related Disease;
  • Evidence Required to Establish Exposure from DII Asbestos Products and/or operations;
  • Statute of Limitations considerations that may apply;
  • Choosing a Claim Processing Option (ER vs. IR);
  • Claim Filing Documents; and
  • Instructions for Submitting a Claim.